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U.S. Embassy Issues Travel Alert for Citizens in Fiji

The U.S. Embassy in Fiji has issued a security alert reminding U.S. citizens to remain cautious in public places of Fiji’s capital Suva.

The U.S. Embassy said on its website recently that Suva’s urban areas experience a higher incidence of crime than rural areas.

The alert said most crimes are “opportunistic” and advised travelers who are not familiar with the area to ask hotel staff to avoid potentially dangerous spots, recommending door-to-door transportation.

Several assaults and robberies have occurred in the bar and nightclub district of downtown Suva, the waterfront or seawall area, as well as on Victoria Parade street, the alert said.

The embassy also said violent robberies and assaults continue to occur within Suva Forest Park.

It noted that reports of sexual assault against female tourists have increased, and visitors are advised not to walk alone after dark and avoid isolated and deserted areas.

Fiji’s Minister for Home Affairs and Immigration Pio Tikoduadua said last week that police presence will be increased to curb rising crimes in Fiji.

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