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Tweetalong With Georgetown Public Works Street Crews

This week to celebrate National Public Works Week, we decided to join Public Works Streets Foreman Anthony Aquilino for a tweetalong to learn about his job, the streets crew, and to see a day in the life of our Public Works Department in Georgetown.

We started the day prepping for sidewalk repairs in the Pinnacle neighborhood in southeast Georgetown and then got to visit with crews putting in new no-parking signs, prepping for street maintenance, picking up a damaged tree that had fallen in the right of way, and ended our morning pouring concrete for the same sidewalk repairs. That’s just the tip of the iceberg of the work these crews do every day to keep Georgetown running smoothly. Other duties include picking up dead animals from city streets, trimming trees and mowing, and drainage maintenance. Aquilino said no two days are ever the same in Public Works, and sometimes you never know where the day will take you.

Aquilino said the best part of his job is serving the residents of Georgetown through Public Works projects and helping solve problems.

Source: Georgetown

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