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Bjp Sees Politics Behind OPS Posters Put Up by Employees

Government employees have put up posters in Kangra district to express gratitude towards Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu for the state government’s decision to implement the old pension scheme (OPS).

These posters expressing gratitude towards the Chief Minister and Congress MLAs can be seen at government buildings and offices in the district.

Meanwhile, the BJP has said the employees have violated service rules by putting up posters. Sanjay Sharma, BJP spokesperson for Kangra parliamentary constituency, alleges that government employees are indulging in politics. “Government employees have put up posters and banners of Congress MLAs, ministers and the Chief Minister in gross violation of service rules. The Congress government is encouraging them to indulge in politics,” he adds.

Sharma says, “The Congress government has implemented the OPS but future governments are likely to bear its financial liability, as most of the employees, who were earlier covered under the new pension scheme (NPS), will retire in the next five to 15 years.” He adds, “The Congress government has burdened the common people of the state with taxes to implement the OPS under which the pension will be paid by future governments. The present government has increased VAT on petrol and diesel, hiked electricity charges by 22 paise per unit and water charges in many urban areas. The entry tax on vehicles has also been increased which will affect tourist arrivals.”

Source: Tribune India