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Liberals Remain a Strong Political Force in Bulgaria

Bulgarians voted for their parliamentary representatives for the fifth time within two years in the hope of being able to finally form a stable government.

The Movement for Rights and Freedoms (MRF), ALDE Party member in the country, managed to keep up their results, winning the overall overseas vote and 13.55% of the total vote, to remain among the leading parties.  

Commenting on the results MRF party leader, Mustafa Karadayi said: “The Movement for Rights and Freedoms party campaigned under the slogan “Reason, Responsibility, Dialogue” and we will insist for precisely that, now that the elections are over. It is time to move past the antagonistic rhetoric in order to translate the concerns of people into the agenda of the next Parliament and government.” 

ALDE Party Co-President Ilhan Kyuchyuk MEP added: “At the fifth round of parliamentary elections, the MRF party in Bulgaria has shown that it is a solid, trustworthy political player, maintaining stability of the trust of its voters through this political turbulence. It is high time that Bulgaria breaks the vicious circle of elections through constructiveness and dialogue for a stable government, that would lead the country on the road of reforms, progress and strength that Europe needs.” 

According to the results, six political parties are due to enter the Parliament: GERB-UDF narrowly finished ahead with 26.54% of the vote and will be invited to try to form a government first, followed by Continue the Change-Democratic Bulgaria with 24.61%, Vazrazhdane with 14.19%, Movement for Rights and Freedoms with 13.55%, the Socialist Party with 8.96%, and There Is Such a People (ITN) with 4.12%. The number of mandates per party should be confirmed before 9 April.

Source : Alde Party

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