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Georgetown Working on 10-year Development Plan After Being Named ‘Fastest Growing City’ in U.S. Last Year

GEORGETOWN, Texas — The City of Georgetown is working on its 10-year downtown master plan after being named the “fastest growing city” by the U.S. Census last year. 

The city is known for its historic downtown, with its Victorian store fronts, courthouse and restaurants in the square. Kim McAuliffe, the downtown and tourism director for Georgetown, said City leaders are looking at several options in the plan, including everything from new stores to housing, while still preserving the historic area.

“Our vision of what downtown will develop as in the future with future buildings, parking areas, any new business that come in.” McAuliffe said.

Community members and residents are encouraged to provide their thoughts and input on the plan through the online survey created by the City. Residents have until April 10 to state what they would like to see.

“We want to see what comes outside the square and the rest of downtown. We hope this is a tool private development can look at and see this is what are residents and visitors want. This is what the market supports,” McAuliffe said. 

Byron McDaniel has lived in Georgetown for several years and loves the downtown area.

“Everybody is extremely friendly, especially the shops, and all the restaurants and bars,” McDaniel said.

McDaniel said that he would like to see the creation of an Irish pub implemented in the downtown area.

Jamie Carakier has lived in Georgetown for more than a year and is a large proponent of the outdoor music scene. 

“Same things I enjoy already. I would enjoy having a good outdoor music venue a place with a stage so we can have different musical acts come through,” Carakier said.

City leaders will keep the results of the survey in mind as they develop the masterplan and bring it to the city council by January 2024.

Source : KVUE

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